Podunk's Ranch

Welcome to Podunk’s Ranch, where we are committed to delighting people with the best meats on the market. We are raising beef with not only a premium flavor profile, but also in a way that is natural for the cattle and better for the environment.

We are a ranch based in Southwestern Colorado, and what sets us apart is that we are Women Owned and have a rich heritage spanning three generations. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our hands-on approach, as we are actively involved in every aspect of raising our cattle. This deep level of involvement allows us to take pride in the quality and care we provide to our livestock.

BQA Certified

Beef Quality Assurance is a program that provides systematic information to U.S. beef producers of how good husbandry techniques can be coupled with accepted scientific knowledge to raise cattle under optimum management conditions.

  • We love Podunk's Ranch Beef and Lanea. We highly recommend Their beef to friends, family and all.
    Julie T and Family
    San Antonio, TX

  • The flavor and quality of the meat is amazing. I highly recommend beef from Podunk's Ranch. We had Ribeye Steaks a couple days ago and they were amazingly tender and delicious.

    Bob and Gwen S.
    Farmington, NM

  • We had the privilege of getting the first shipment from Podunk's Ranch. Everything was SO tasty and we highly recommend it. MMMMMMM! Thank you!
    Annette B. and Family
    Fort Collins, CO